Veterinary assistance in Victorian bushfire emergency

What is happening in Victoria?

The Victorian Government has implemented the Victorian Emergency Animal Welfare Plan.

Read the Australian Veterinary Association's most recent update on the situation in Victoria here:

How can I donate medical supplies?

To donate medical supplies for use at wildlife triage centres or for livestock assessments, please email [email protected] These supplies will also be available for wildlife carer groups to access.

NOTE that even during emergency situations veterinary practitioners must comply with the legislative requirements in relation to Schedule 4 and Schedule 8 drugs. You can view these requirements on the website of the Office of Medicines and Poisons Regulation (Victorian Department of Health & Human Services: Veterinary practitioners - key legislative requirements in Victoria.

How can I volunteer my services?

Add your name to the volunteer register maintained by the Australian Veterinary Association: Victorian Bushfire Response Registration 2019

If the State Government requests additional assistance because government veterinary services are exhausted, the Australian Veterinary Association will coordinate volunteer veterinarians and veterinary nurses to assist in emergencies.

Do I need to be registered as a vet to volunteer in Victoria?

If you are already registered in Victoria or in another Australian State or Territory, you can work as a veterinary practitioner in Victoria during the bushfire emergency.

If you are not registered in Australia, you must register with the Veterinary Practitioners Registration Board of Victoria (Vetboard Victoria) before you can start working as a veterinary practitioner during the bushfire emergency. There is no provision in Victorian legislation which allows veterinarians who are not already registered in an Australian State or Territory to work in Victoria in an emergency.

If you wish to register with Vetboard Victoria so you can provide veterinary services during the bushfire emergency, we can fast track the processing of your registration application. If you are being paid to provide veterinary services in the emergency, the Board will waive fast track registration fees. If you will not be paid for your services, the Board may consider waiving some registration charges.

Apply for urgent registration here: Vet registration in bushfire emergency

Where can I find more information and resources about treatment of animals in bushfires?

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