Register for next webinar on 15 April 2021

Before the Board's revised guidelines take effect on 1 May 2021, you are invited to attend two evening webinars on 15 April 2021 and 29 April 2021. The webinars cover different themes and will be facilitated by Board President, Professor Ted Whittem, with other Board members introducing specific guidelines. Registered veterinary practitioners practising in Victoria may claim one (1) structured CPD point per webinar if they complete a brief quiz after attending the webinar. Follow the links to webinar registration below.

Submit questions before the webinars: If you have specific questions or feedback about the revised guidelines, please email [email protected]

WEBINAR 2: Guidelines on administrative and technical aspects of veterinary practice 
7:30-9PM, Thursday 15 April 2021
  • This webinar will focus on the following guidelines:
    * G6 Veterinary facilities, equipment and assistance in the provision of veterinary services
    * G7 Veterinary medical records
    * G13 Telemedicine in the provision of veterinary services
    * G14 Supply and use of veterinary medications
    * G15 Responsible supply and use of antibiotics
    * G20 Biosecurity
    * G21 Reporting obligations
    * G5 Reunification of pets and owners
    * G19 Veterinary certificates
    * G18 End of life veterinary services
WEBINAR 3: Guidelines on practitioner competency and fitness to practise, and inter-practitioner relationships 
7:30-9PM, Thursday 29 April 2021
  • This webinar will focus on the following guidelines:
    * G8 Veterinary practitioner and veterinary team wellbeing
    * G9 Practising within areas of technical competence
    * G10 Continuing professional development
    * G12 Referrals between veterinary practitioners
    * G16 Provision of veterinary services outside normal hours
    * G17 Emergency veterinary services and specialist veterinary services
    * G11 Managing conflicts of interest
    * G22 Incitement to commit unprofessional conduct
    * G21 Reporting obligations

About the revised guidelines

The Guidelines of the  Practitioners Registration Board of Victoria are guidelines for appropriate standards of veterinary practice and veterinary facilities issued under section 62(1)(e) of the Veterinary Practice Act 1997. They inform veterinary practitioners about expected minimum standards in multiple areas of veterinary practice. As well as being a day-to-day reference for practitioners, the guidelines are used by the Board when considering professional conduct matters. Veterinary practitioners practising in Victoria are expected to be familiar with and comply with the guidelines.

The guidelines have been revised  by the Board to reflect contemporary expectations of users of veterinary services, the veterinary profession and the general community. The revised guidelines will come into effect on 1 May 2021.