Update on review of guidelines

Consultation opened: 2 September 2019
Consultation closed: 30 November 2019
Current status: Analysis and revision

Many veterinary practitioners and other stakeholders made submissions to a recent public consultation on the proposed guidelines about appropriate standards of veterinary practice and veterinary facilities. Vetboard Victoria is now in the process of analysing and considering all feedback. While the consultation has closed, you can still view the proposed guidelines at https://engage.vic.gov.au/vetboard-victoria-guidelines-review

The aim of the review is to ensure Vetboard Victoria's guidelines reflect contemporary expectations of users of veterinary services, the veterinary profession and the general community. The guidelines should also be accessible, practical, relevant and easy to understand, while still meeting legislative requirements.

Finalised guidelines and a report on the consultation process will be released in 2020.


Vetboard Victoria's guidelines on appropriate standards of veterinary practice and veterinary facilities assist veterinary practitioners who are practising in Victoria to deliver appropriate and effective services within an ethical framework. Veterinary practitioners who are practising in Victoria have a professional responsibility to be familiar with the guidelines and to apply the guidance they contain. This includes veterinary practitioners with interstate registration who are deemed to be registered in Victoria under national recognition of veterinary registration.

The guidelines are also used by panels sitting on disciplinary hearings convened by Vetboard Victoria to consider the professional conduct of individual veterinary practitioners.