Vetboard Victoria newsletter - November 2023

In this edition of Vetboard Victoria's newsletter, Board President Dr John Harte discusses two issues that have stood out in complaints received over the last year, fees and communication. We provide a summary of feedback received during the consultation forums held in September and October 2023. We issue some guidance on communicating to clients about veterinary medical records, and we celebrate early resolution of complaints and diversity and respect in the profession.

Items on veterinary medicines in this issue include:
  • a case study from the office of Medicines and Poisons Regulation on forged veterinary prescriptions
  • a position statement from the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority on cannabis in veterinary chemical products, and
  • a summary of the Board's recently issued guidance on pentobarbital access and storage.

You are invited to participate in a survey on the government's review of existing Domestic Animal Regulations and to apply for the latest round of animal welfare fund grants. Animal Welfare Victoria provides advice on microchipping requirements for companion animals and greyhounds.

We also encourage you to participate in emergency response action including signing up to help prepare for an Emergency Animal Disease outbreak, joining Victoria's Wildlife Emergency Support Network and undertaking training on African Swine Fever.

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