Invitation to take AVA's 2023 veterinary workforce survey

The Board encourages you to complete a 10-20 minute online survey from the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA).

The survey will help to build a profile of the veterinary profession in Australia in 2023. Information collected will help with future workforce planning as the profession works to resolve the current shortage of veterinarians. This year, as well as collecting data on employment type and status, hours of work, role, remuneration and vacancy data, the survey also contains questions around education debt and the diversity of the profession.

The survey report will be freely available to the veterinary profession and will be useful to government, veterinary boards, tertiary institutions and other relevant bodies considering trends and planning for future challenges. This is the seventh AVA workforce survey - reports of the 6 other workforce surveys conducted over the last 10 years can be viewed at Workforce Data (AVA).

Participation and privacy 

Everyone with a veterinary science qualification who lives in Australia and is eligible to register to practise as a veterinarian here is encouraged to participate. You do not have to be working in clinical practice and you can be a new graduate. Participants do not have to be currently registered with a veterinary board or be an AVA member. Please feel free to share this message with anyone currently not registered (retired, not working, working in another industry etc.) who may be interested in completing the survey. The survey closes on 16 February 2024.

Participation in the survey is completely voluntary and can be anonymous. Some parts of the survey are optional to complete. The survey has human research ethics approval from The University of Melbourne [Project ID: 27007]. More information: Plain language statement: Project - AVA Workforce Survey

Survey link: AVA WORKFORCE SURVEY 2023

Survey closes 16 February 2023