Survey on antimicrobial resistance information

Posted on 4/03/2019
Victorian Vets, you have till 15 March 2019 to complete a survey to help improve Anti-Microbial Resistance and Stewardship information. Click the above link to participate.

Proposed changes to Domestic Animals Regulations 2015

Posted on 11/02/2019
Click the above link to see changes proposed to the Domestic Animals Regulations 2015.

Board Update - December 2018

Posted on 21/12/2018
Vetboard Victoria's December newsletter presents a case study on anaesthetic monitoring, welcomes new practitioners to the profession, and makes some general announcements. Click the above link to read more.

Latest veterinary specialists in Victoria

Posted on 5/12/2018
Click the above link for a list of recently endorsed specialists.

Vetboard Victoria location

Posted on 29/10/2018
Vetboard Victoria is located at 10-16 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.


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