Against Registered Veterinary Practitioners in Victoria

The Veterinary Practitioners Registration Board of Victoria investigates complaints lodged against the professional conduct of registered veterinary practitioners in order to achieve a higher standard for the community as a whole.

The Board cannot take any action on an anonymous complaint or a complaint that is not in writing, and cannot investigate any complaint that falls under the control of some other statutory authority or an organisation given specific powers under other legislation.

Please be aware the board has no jurisdiction over fees. If a complaint about you concerns fees, the complainant will be referred to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

For further information:

How will I be required to respond to a complaint?
Responding to a complaint
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What do complainants have to provide?
Lodging a complaint
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Or contact the Board's office on (03) 9620 7444

The investigation process may take some time to complete. Your prompt response to, and full compliance with, the Boards request for information may significantly reduce this time.

Privacy Note:

The Board will only use and disclose personal information about you for the purpose of conducting an investigation of this complaint, unless consent has been obtained to use the information for additional purposes. Click here to view the full Privacy Policy of the board.