In 1888 the first Veterinary Board of Victoria was established under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1887. Although some amendments were made over the intervening years, large-scale change did not come until 110 years later with the introduction of the Veterinary Practice Act 1997 (the Act).

The main purposes of the Act are to protect the public by providing for the registration of veterinary practitioners and investigations into the professional conduct and fitness to practise of registered veterinary practitioners, and to establish the Veterinary Practitioners Registration Board of Victoria (the Board) and the Veterinary Practitioners Registration Board Fund.

Apart from the main purposes noted above the Board has the following functions and powers - to recognise qualifications and accredit courses of training; conduct of examinations to establish competency; and issue guidelines about appropriate standards of veterinary practice and veterinary facilities.The Board employs two full-time and four part-time permanent staff.